Time and place:

  • 17-19 September 2019, Kniazheska gradina, (space in front of Soviet Army monument), Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Beginning 16:30 hours.
  • Official opening ceremony: ……………………………………………

Right of participation:

  • All organizations developing Taekwon-Do;
  • Competitors from 16 to 18 years;

 In the competition will take part Male and Female Juniors (16-18 years), in the following individual disciplines:

  • Pattern;
  • Sparring;
  • Special Techniques;
  • Power Test.

Participants’ registration and weigh in:

  • Registration, weigh in and height check is obligatory for all competitors and will take part on 17 September 2019 fron 14:00 to 15:00 hours in Knyazhevska gradina. Competitor who doesn’t cover applied weight will not be allowed to compete in the relative discipline.
  • Tolerance – 0.500 kg (dress code – dobok pant and T-shirt).
  • Competitors verify their identity through valid passport or ID.
  • On registration competitors will handle Declaration for responsibility.

Participation application:

Additional information:

  1. Pattern

 For Individual Pattern discipline competitors perform 2 assigned patterns (except holders of 10 gup), randomly chosen by the electronic scoring system according to the technical degree of the competitors.


  • 10 gup: Sajo Jirugi;
  • 9 gup: from Sajo Jirugi to Sajo Magki;
  • 8 gup: from Sajo Jirugi to Chon-Ji;
  • 7 gup: from Chon-Ji to Dan-Gun;
  • 6-5 gup: from Chon-Ji to Won-Hyo;
  • 4-3 gup: from Chon-Ji to Joong-Gun;
  • 2-1 gup: from Chon-Ji to Hwa-Rang;
  • I dan: from Chon-Ji to Ge-Baek;
  • II dan: from Chon-Ji to Juche;
  • III dan: from Chon-Ji to Choi-Yong.

*   In case of less than 2 competitors in category the participants can be moved to higher category following age, and then degree criteria. Competitor can be moved maximum 2 age groups above its own. A category with two competitors will take place if all of the abovementioned options not applicable.

  1. Sparring:

The competitors in this discipline must be at least 10 years old and holders of minimum 8 gup.

The participants will compete in Individual Sparring discipline according to acting Taekwon-Do competition rules.

Obligatory protective gear: red or blue gloves, feet pads and helmet (depending on the draw) of approved type with no trade mark restrictions; in case of not available gear or the ring umpires disapprove the ones used by the competitor, gloves and feet pads will be provided by the organizer; groin protector (only for male competitors) – worn under the dobok pant; transparent mouth guard;

Optional protective gear: chest protector (only for female competitors) – worn under the dobok jacket, shin guards of acceptable type and material.


  • Juniors (16-18 years)

Junior Male:   -50 kg., -56 kg., -62 kg., -68 kg., -75 kg., +75 kg.;

Junior Female: -45 kg., -51 kg., -55 kg., -60 kg., -65 kg., +65 kg.

  • Bouts duration: 2 rounds X 2 minutes with 1 minute break.

* In case of only 1 competitor in category he/she will be moved maximum 2 weight categories over his/her own.

* The Individual Sparring discipline will be conducted using the scheme of direct eliminations.

3. Special Techniques:

Categories:  16-18 years

  • Initial heights for the different techniques:
Twimyo Nopi Ap Cha Busigi Twimyo Dollyo Chagi Twimyo Bandae Dollyo Chagi Twio Dolmyo Yop Cha Jirugi Twimyo Nopi Yop Cha Jirugi
Junior Male 220 cm 205 cm 195 cm 195 cm 120 cm *
Twimyo Nopi Ap Cha Busigi Twimyo Dollyo Chagi Twimyo Nopi Yop Cha Jirugi
Junior Female 190 cm 175 cm 100 cm *

*       For Twimyo Nopi Yop Cha Jirugi pointed height parameters are referred to the obstacle in front of the board.

4. Power Test:

Categories: 16-18 years

  • For Power Test competition holders of 7 gup and below will use dynamometer. Techniques – Sonkal Taerigi and Dollyo Chagi.
  • For Power Test competition holders of 6 gup and above will use standard plastic boards as follows:
Ap-joomuk Jirugi Sonkal Taerigi Yopcha Jirugi Dollyo Chagi Bandae Dollyo Chagi
Junior Male      (16-18 years) 1 1 2 2 2
Junior Female (16-18 years) 1 1 1


Final standings and prizes:

  • First, second and third place winners in every discipline will be awarded with medal and diploma.


  • All coaches must be familiar with competition rules especially with coach’s obligations.


  • Chief Umpire will be Mr. Vencislav Ignatov.
  • Umpires are provided by Organizers.

Technical meeting:

Technical meeting – 17.09.2019 (Tuesday), Sofia, Beli brezi residence, bl.3, ground floor, from 09:00 to 10:00 hours.

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