General rules:

The Parkour competition on September 19 will be in two categories:

Speed ​​and Freestyle, with participants having to be 17 years old and up. Recording is done in advance via the Internet via notifying judges who can judge according to video material the level of the competitor.

Judges evaluate in 3 categories – landing, creativity and complexity, each wearing 10 points (max 30 points), the first category being the most important. For the speed run 8 finalists who gave the best time go to qualifications. Every athlete is entitled to a second run, with the time being recognized only by the second run even if it is less than the previous one.

For the street fitness competition/demonstration:

Participants: – 17 years of age and up.

For the tournament, the top 16 Bulgarian players from the Grand Final of the National Championship of Bulgaria, which is coming to be held on 23 June enroll. Participants from abroad are enrolled via Internet according to .

4 items will be evaluated. Statics, Dynamics, Combined Elements and Creativity. The summaries of the individual elements give a general picture evaluation.

Regulation: Round 1 – Each participant has 2 available minutes.

The best 8 continue in the second round. There by lot are organizing 4 duels, called ‘Balthill’, followed by semi – final finals the same scheme.

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