General terms:

  1. Right to participate include dance groups, clubs and ensembles, studying folk dances and dancing from home and abroad.
  2. Participants to be lovers from 18 years of age. to 29 years.
  3. Participants are not required to be dressed in folk costumes.
  4. Each group is responsible for storing costumes and requisites.

Regulation for participation

  1. In the first part, each foreign group performs dancing from their own country, and the Bulgarian groups perform folklore and dancing from different ethnographic areas.

– The duration of the dancing is within 10 minutes.

– The musical accompaniment should be on a CD or flash.

  1. In the second part will be held Master class.

In it will take part the groups from abroad, who will learn the Bulgarian right horo, acquainting with the style, the character, the costumes, the different stroke dimensions of the Bulgarian folklore.

Assessment Criteria:

A competent jury will evaluate and rank the best-performing groups in both parts.

– Style and character

– Authenticity

– Dance and attractiveness in dancing.

Bulk mastery does not affect judging by the jury.

Ranking is not subject to appeal.

By filling out the participation form, you agree to the terms of the site.