I. Participants in ARMESTLING competitions

  1. Age groups:
  • Adolescents and youngsters – 14-15 years old;
  • Adolescents and senior girls – 16-18 years old;
  • young people – 19-21 years old;
  • adults – 21-40 years old;
  • veterans – over 40 years old.
  1. Requirements to the participants

Athletes compete for at least 6 months with ARMRESTLING. An application to participate in the demonstration/competition is submitted by the responsible participating organization, accompanied by a medical certificate.

  1. Allowance for participation

Each participant competes only in the category in which it was claimed.

A Mandatory Commission is approved by the Bulgarian Wrestling Federation or by the sports club conducting the competition.

It includes:

  • Chairman of the Commission;
  • Chief Judge;
  • Secretary General.

All responsibility for the admission of competitors is borne by the Mandate Committee.

  1. Weight classes
  • Women – up to 45 kg; up to 50 kg; to 55 kg; up to 60 kg; up to 65 kg; up to 70 kg; to 75 kg; to 80 kg. and over 80 kg.
  • Men – up to 50 kg; to 55 kg; up to 60 kg; up to 65 kg; up to 70 kg; to 75 kg; up to 80 kg; up to 85 kg; up to 90 kg; to 100 kg; to 110 kg. and over 110 kg.
  • Virgo – up to 43 kg; to 47 kg; to 52 kg; to 58 kg; up to 65 kg; to 73 kg. and over 73 kg.
  • Adolescents – up to 52 kg; to 58 kg; up to 65 kg; up to 73 kg; up to 81 kg; to 90 kg. and over 90 kg.
  1. Competitors’ equipment

Participants in an ARMESTLING demonstration/competition must be dressed with a sports team (sports shoes, tracksuits or shorts, T-shirt).

It is forbidden to use any precautionary bandages, armrests, and wearing bracelets and rings on the playing hand.

  1. Representatives, coaches and team captains

Each team is required to have an official representative who is the team leader and liaisons between the refereeing team and the contestants. The role of an official representative can also be assumed by the coach or captain of the team. Protests on the results of a match shall be submitted by the official representative through the Secretary General of the competition in writing not later than 1 minute after the end of the match, the outcome of which shall be contested. When an official is behaving incorrectly to judges, coaches, contestants or other persons serving the race, he / she may be disqualified.

II. Judges College

  1. The judges may be only persons having the necessary qualifications.
  1. Composition of the Judicial Council

The jury for serving a given competition is determined by the BFB. Its members are:

  • Chief Judge;
  • Deputy Chief Judge;
  • Secretary General;
  • Technical secretary;
  • Referees;
  • Informer;
  • Commandant;
  • Doctor of the competition.

III. Rules under which ARMSTRSTLING competitions are held


  1. Every competitor is obliged to behave correctly with other athletes, judges and technicians. Otherwise he / she will be disqualified from the race.
  2. The contestant cannot ask for a judge to be removed.


  1. In the starting position, the competitors grab their hands so that the first phalanxes of the thumbs are visible.
  2. The hand grip is placed in the center of the table, the elbows are placed on the pads.
  3. The free hand grabs the handle on the table.
  4. The competitors’ shoulders must be parallel to the edges of the table.
  5. One player’s foot must be on the ground.


  1. The fight starts after the command “Attention” “Start” – “Ready” “Go”.
  2. Victory is awarded to the athlete, who leans the opponent’s hand to the table limiter.
  3. An athlete who has received two rounds in one match is awarded an official defeat.
  4. If a competitor breaks the rules in a critical situation (if his hand is diverted from a vertical angle of more than 45 degrees) he is awarded a loss.
  5. In the event of a crack break or notice, participants are entitled to a 30-second break.
  6. After a grip, the hands of the opponents are tied with special straps.
  7. The rest time for a second round of the final is no more than three minutes.


  1. Failure to execute a referee’s command.
  2. Premature start.
  3. Raise the elbow from the pad.
  4. When the competitor’s head crosses the middle line of the table.
  5. When the head or shoulder of one competitor touches the grip of the hands.
  6. Deliberate breaking of the grip in a non-critical state.
  7. A situation that may cause injury to the competitor
  8. Release the free hand from the handle.
  9. Raise both feet at the same time from the floor.
  10. Use of Illegal Stimulators.

IV. Competition hall

  1. Table – The table is equipped according to the requirements of the World Federation of ARMRESTLING WAF.
  2. The room temperature should not be below 15 ° C and the humidity of the air below 60%. The room should have normal ventilation.

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