Action and Show in the Heart of the European Sport Capital

The “Sofia – European Capital of Sport” Foundation and Sofia Municipality organize Sofia Urban Zone Sport 2019. Between 15 and 22 September representatives from 12 countries will take part in the meeting of the fans of the modern urban disciplines and activities, which have become more and more popular in the last years. The festival responds to the great interest in the new urban sports and is a direct consequence of the organized by “Sofia – European Capital of Sport” Extreme Fest, which is to evolve into an even bigger in scope and range forum.

Competitions, demonstrations and show acts accompanied with music, dances and urban culture will make the centre of Sofia a super colourful sport arena for a period of 8 days.

14 sports, a total of over 20 activities, workshops will provide much fun  with the new sports and disciplines, favoured by the young population in the city zones.

Acrobatics, Basket 3×3, Yoga, arm wrestling, karate, stunt, mini football, orienteering, parkour and street fitness, sport climbing, street dances, taekwondo, folk fest and urban sports….Along with demonstrations with BMX, skateboards, roller blades and many others.

Requests for participation have been received from 12 countries, and just the foreign participants will be over 400, and together with the local ones the number will be around 1000. In Sofia are to arrive professionals from the urban disciplines from Sweden, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Croatia, Greece, and Portugal. The estimated audience for the eight days for the big show will be around 8 000.

During the forum the representatives from the different countries will discuss on a special Conference the development, trends, and future of the new urban sports, as well as the organization of sport activities in the urban areas. The meeting is after the invitation and leading of the mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova, who will be an honorary chairman of ACES Europe for this year – the organization of the European cities and capitals of sport. Sofia Urban Zone 2019 has been designed as an ultra-modern urban sport event, including friendly competitions and games in different non-Olympic sports, during which all the participants will exercise, compare their skills, play and have fun while using the latest sport technologies. The team of the project relies on the innovations, used in the event in order to arise the interest in the self-reception of the participants.

The festival will ensure an innovative sport model, which uses easy-to-access sport infrastructures, which do not require expensive equipment, without entrance fees, because the event is an open-air one, and does not require crowds of fans and expensive preparation. The strategy of the Sofia Urban Zone Sport 2019 is centred on attracting as much people as possible by prompting them to test their skills in funny, modern and innovative activities. They will have the opportunity to interact with the instructors, with the ones exercising and with all others, who will experiment with the new experiences and activities.

The new urban disciplines develop steadfastly and receive a global popularity. The young people all over the world are attracted by the magic of the urban sports, played in parks, gardens, courts, along the streets and playfields.

Having the above in mind, the international sport institutions are changing their priorities and include new disciplines in the programs of the Olympic Games, of the world and European championships and tournaments. Most of the new sports at the Olympics in Tokyo 2020 are urban sports: karate, skate boarding, sport climbing…In Paris 2024 most probably will be added street fitness and break dancing as well as in Los Angeles 2028.  These disciplines are already a main part in the youth Olympics, and in the last one in Buenos Aires there were champions in sport climbing, break dancing, futsal, beach handball, acrobatics, trampoline, karate, roller blades. Along with it, following the new trends and requirements, are to be reconsidered the ways for carrying out the competitions: more and more will be the multinational games, the mixed team competitions, which will provoke and build the team spirit.

This is the message as well in the forthcoming big sport holiday in Bulgaria this autumn.

Sofia Urban Zone Sport 2019. A full of action and good mood show in the heart of the European Capital of Sport.

15-22 September, Knyazheska Garden, Sofia