Mollet del Vallès is a medium-sized town that is an important northern suburb of Barcelona, 17km from that Catalan capital. With a population of around 52,000, it straddles the River Besòs. Mollet del Vallès is an important communications hub from Barcelona towards the north.
It was a proud holder of the Brand European City of Sport in 2017.
Mollet hosts the Institute of Public Security of Catalonia, where the autonomous region’s local police forces are trained. Thanks to the police academy connection, the town was also the site of the shooting competitions during the 1992 Olympic Games hosted by Barcelona. Since then, the town has opened a new sports centre as well as its Colours Park, using former derelict land to provide a public amenity with striking architecture.
Not only basketball and shooting but also WORLD ROLLER GAMES, football tournaments, martial arts and many more take place at the numerous playgrounds of the Municipality.
In its ambitious strategic plan for 2025 Mollet del Vallès has set itself the challenge of stimulating new economic activities based on business renewal and diversification, including sport ventures.
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