The colorful folklore festival this morning in the Knyazheska Garden 
marked the beginning of a series of activities and competitions from the 
program of the first ever Sofia urban zona sport 2019. 16 folk dance 
groups competed in front of nearly 12,000 spectators and guests. Three 
folklore groups from abroad also participated in the competition, with 
performances from Italy, Northern Macedonia and Turkey, arriving 
specifically for the urban area. The event is part of the Healthy Food 
and Bulgarian Culinary Traditions Festival, which is being organized for 
the third consecutive year.

The guests were greeted by Andrey Kovachev - MEP and President of the 
ACES EUROPE Advisory Group. In the meantime, more than 200 participants 
in the various urban disciplines and activities of Sofia Urban Sports 
Zone 2019 have already arrived in Bulgaria from 12 countries. The 
competition program starts tonight, when after 6pm the street dance 
virtuosos will be presented in the Knyazheska Garden, and immediately 
after 7pm is the Openning Ceremony of the Urban zone 2019, which will 
continue with competitions in 26 sports and disciplines through all week 
long til next Sunday. The program and details can be found at: