Svrljig is a small town in Serbia with 6500 inhabitants.
The Basketball club Svrljig will participate in the URBAN ZONE with male 
and female teams in the 3X3 basketball competitions.
In Serbia the club competes in: Women's Regional League of Serbia, the 
Junior League of Serbia, the Cadets Regional League of Serbia as well as 
in the Mini basketball tournaments for schools.
The Svrljig Basketball Club's juniors come with their best players (they 
have been in the (top 8) teams in Serbia for the last 2017/18 and 
2018/19 seasons), participating also at the national championship finals 
which represents the biggest success of the club.
The female senior team is made up of players who are very ambitious – 
they are proud that for this short time of existence of the club and for 
such a small town in Serbia, strong foundations of future basketball 
sport development have been laid.
Coach Igor Radivojevic was a professional player in the most famous 
Serbian basketball clubs before turning to coach.