During the preparation of the URBAN ZONE event, the FOUNDATION Sofia European Capital of Sport collected data for sports organizations, clubs, federations and non-governmental organizations in EU for the purposes of exchanging good practices and know-how in organizing sport events and innovative side activities, related to health enhancing physical activities. The most relevant of them were selected to take part in URBAN ZONE.


Slovenian University sport association (SUSA) is a non-profit Ngo, which operates at high university level in Slovenia. SUSA associates the Slovenian university sport associations and its general objective is to increase students’ participation in sports through extracurricular sport events in the country and in Europe and promote HEPA and values of sports at University level. URBAN ZONE answers the main aims of SUSA and the participants that the organization will send have the capacity not only to learn but also to contribute to the establishment of the future “EU URBAN ZONE”.

Asociatia «Se Poate» (“It’s possible”) is a Romanian NGO made by young people for young people. The organization gathers volunteers and members from different parts of the country, mainly from Bucharest. The first and main aim of the organization is to help the development and the promotion of intercultural exchanges among the young category of citizens, by helping them get in touch with people from all countries, particularly from the European Union.

The main mission of the association is to open up new paths and possibilities for young people, always making a strong effort to contribute to the construction and development of the European identity and active citizenship. Culture, international learning, self-development represents the most significant and strategically important ways through which the young people can develop and thus form themselves, both physically, as well as mentally. URBAN ZONE will benefit from the participants from the Asociatia “Se Poate” in regard to exchange good practices and share values in sports, culture and education. Sofia 2018 is a relevant project to the above mentioned organisation’s main aims and profile.

The 80 Basket was founded in Ozieri in 2010 by a group of ex basketball players keen on this sport since they were children. From the beginning the 80 Basket society took part in “campionato di promozione maschile” that means a regional championship. As a growing process the team has participated to the final four for the last three years losing twice in the final. Following the idea of representing its local community at best, at the end of the 2014/2015 season the 80 Basket received the Fair Play Award.

Focusing the attention on people’s diversity the society launched initiatives as a way to increase representation of women and people affected by physical or mental impairments. In 2012 the program “Special Basket” started and a specialized team of coaches, teachers, psychologists and volunteers worked together to enable these special guys to meet basketball. In addiction the feminine team participated to their first regional women championship.

In the same year the idea of involving most of the local community encouraged the 80 Basket to extend the attention to children: the mini-basketball program resulted in an excellent growth and, at present, it consists in 80 children between 5 and 12 years of age trained by 4 coaches, 2 of them of national level. All the coaches obtained the required practical experience and certificates through courses under the incitement of the society interested in growing in all of its parts.

The aims of the society are to enable youngsters to enjoy and experience this sport, to develop their psycho-motor skills such as balance, speed, coordination and to contribute to the child’s social development by encouraging understanding and respect for peers and rules. At the same time the 80 Basket would like to contribute to the children’s emotional, intellectual and moral development by providing opportunities to satisfy their needs in order to increase personal esteem, social relationships and healthy competition.

Folklorica Culturale ASD “A manu Tenta” is a cultural group in Osilo, Sardinia (Italy) that aims to educate young people in the traditions, history and culture of their own village so that they in turn can pass this knowledge on. The young people within the group, under the direction of Doloretta Manca, attend all the cultural events and festivals that take place in the area, as well as further afield.

The group presents dances from Osilo, which is situated on one of the three sides of Monte Tuffudesu, sits Osilo, at 650 metres from sea level. It is a small medieval hamlet of 3000 inhabitants, overlooked by Castle Malaspina. This impressive location provides a stunning panorama of the nearby villages, the Gulf of Asinara and even Corsica’s mountains.

Municipality of Lisbon is main participant organization in URBAN ZONE, which will provide participants in the main project target groups – young Europeans of 15-29 years old and main policy and community stakeholders. Lisbon as the capital of Portugal promotes sports and supports therefore all the sports clubs’ activities, realized with the irreplaceable work made by many volunteers. Lisbon has also been a European Capital of Sport, so a lot of sport facilities for almost all the most popular sports (from football to swim, from boxing to basketball, from volley to martial arts and so on) plus some tracks for free walking or running or cycling along the streets in Lisbona are a playground for athletes. In fact one of the best practices of Municipality of Lisbon is the recognition of the free sports activities for so many people. There are more discounts for sports clubs dedicated to young people and agreements for free with clubs that promote activities for disabled people. Sports in Lisbon is not an economic activity but a real educational and social service that all the citizens, with the Municipality budget, must take charge of. This unique practice of sport organization will be shared with other representatives of EU communities, which will live in the URBAN ZONE for one week and after the event too. The Municipality of Lisbon will give a good contribution to Sofia 2018 project and learn from it, as Lisbon was appointed by ACES as European Capital of Sport for 2021. The team of the Lisbon Municipality will gain great expertise in organising of sport events and will get help from Sofia 2018 to develop the most appropriate project design and organization of large scale sport events.

Municipality of Mollet de Valles, Spain, which was chosen for EU City of sports in 2017, also will join the URBAN ZONE. The Municipality of another EU City of sports will contribute to Sofia 2018 project with knowledge and experience in sport event organizing, proper public and media campaign for dissemination of results and will share community practices in HEPA policies and effective schemes for the young people. URBAN ZONE needs to reach its general and specific objectives in a comprehensive way for its young target group. The experience and know-how of a Municipality that most recently was the EU City of Sport will be highly valuable in the project activities final design and implementation as well as in their further dissemination on the Municipality of Mollet de Valles website.

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN), based in Netherlands. It consists of football clubs who are committed to their communities and social responsibilities and have the passion to cooperate and engage on a European level. The network aims to promote the power of football as a tool for social development and support the efforts of the network members in their initiatives to use football to reach out to various target groups in their communities. The network creates a collaborative environment for knowledge sharing in order to develop a diversity of training methods that will directly benefit communities throughout Europe. The network currently consists of 58 clubs from 25 European countries. The EFDN will be very usefull to help increase knowledge and awareness regarding the positive role of sport for gender equality, social inclusion, volunteering and allowing access for sports activities, because the own goal of the network is to encourage clubs and football foundations to share knowledge, best practice and experiences on a international level in order to enhance quality and efficiency of national and local football for development initiatives.

European Network for outdoor sports (Belgium) – As an organization ENOS has been working on being a network organization for the development, promotion and management of outdoor sports across Europe. It participates in expert groups concerning sport on a European level and to connect to the sport unit of the EU in Brussels in order to represent the interests of outdoor sports in the decision making process. The network connects outdoor sport enthusiasts and experts from across Europe and supports the exchange of knowledge. One important instrument is the Euro’Meet conference that is organized every two years. The expertise of ENOS will contribute to fulfil the objective for establishing enhanced networks of participating countries’ sport and NGOs in exchanging of good practices and in organizing urban sport events for leisure and fun, promoting HEPA in EU cities’ everyday life.

Confederation Of Turkish Amateurs Sports Clubs in Istanbul, Turkey is a voluntary organization, which main aim is to develop the sport in the urban community. Sport in Turkey is being encouraged and supported by the state and sports clubs are financially supported. The main targets of the sports policy of the state are to increase the number of athletes, to attain superior successes at international sports competitions, to prepare suitable sports environment for encouraging and providing for every individual at every age to engage in sports activities. Large sports facilities and investments in Turkey are realized by the state to a great extent. The participation of the Turkish sending organization will contribute to the achieving of the objective of Increasing main stakeholders in sports and participating countries’ awareness about the importance of urban renewal of city space using as playground for creating better sports and HEPA urban environment thus contributing to EU citizens’ healthy life style, EU better society and economy of the future. On the other hand as a EU candidate country Turkey will get better knowledge of the European values of tolerance, gender equality, non-violation etc.

Estonian Health Trails Foundation (SA Eesti Terviserajad)The Estonian Health Trails Foundation consolidates under one trade mark more than 80 health trails all over Estonia, located on nearly 800 kilometers in total, and managed by different local governments, non-profit organisations and private persons. The network of health trails has been brought to life to ensure that all people of Estonia have the possibility to take part in free, year-round recreational sports in nature and in cities. Almost half of the health trails are either partly or completely located on state land. The objective of the foundation is among others to support the full development of health trails in Estonia, to ensure the opportunities for and accessibility of free, year-round recreational sports for everyone. Since 2004, more than EUR 22 million have been invested in the development of health trails in Estonia, including the resources of local governments (EUR 7.7 million), the state (EUR 5 million), the European Union (EUR 6.5 million) and Estonian Health Trails Foundation (EUR 3.2 million). The experience in bringing urban people to recreational sport, even in production places, reviving the urban environment will be a valuable input to the best practice exchange in attracting urban citizens to recreational sport. Competitions and demonstrations in street fitness, orienteering, climbing, gymnastics are among the most known sports of SA Eesti Terviserajad.

Split University Sport Association from Croatia – the Split University Sports Federation organizes over 15 sporting and recreational events every year, including the International Rowing Regatta Sveti Duje, with participation of best university rowing teams in Europe, including the Oxford and Cambridge teams. It has hosted a lot of championships in non-Olympic sports – 3×3 Basketball, Beach Volleyball and Sport Climbing. So its expertise in organizing such large scale events will be of utmost importance.

A.S.T.E.R.I. (Greece) is a Non-Profit Organization committed to aware, educate, research, promote, disseminate, publicize, and minimize problems regarding modern diseases youth and older adults are facing due to modern innovative techniques and the new way in our lives. Modern devices such as mobile phones, internet games and communications, social media, problems such as bulimia, obesity, violence and bulling, etc. as well as all new entries in people lives.

Up till now ASTERI has been actively involved in Research – Surveys, Educating and Activities mostly on sports education, consumer education, citizen safety, recycling and reuse, attitudes for healthier life, and information on European Union integration. Members of ASTERI are also environmental active in Jeans Re-Use. They gather blue jeans from young people of all ages from Schools & Sport Academies in order to donate them. The action called “Share your Jeans and make a NEW friend”. ASTERI is active in a lot of educational activities through different methods such as mini films, competitions, bingo games, holiday festival activities, local food festivals and local food productions. ASTERI participates in the International Action GREEN Sports together with 3 Municipalities, Paiania – Athens, Pilea Chortiatis – Thessaloniki, Poroia – Serres  and collect electrical appliances – tin cans for recycle and at the same time they plan trees in the areas close to the Sports courts. ASTERI has been active partner in SPIN Project coordinating PAOK FC and trained in Sala Soccer more than 100 young kids from poor immigrant families while contacted more that 400 kids in rural areas. ASTERI runs PEACEFUL JERSEYS Campaign with the support of Ministry of Education – Sports & Tourism and the Department of Immigration – Ministry of Internal Affairs and teaches Volley to young people together with the Union of Athletes Specially recognized in International Games. More the 40 National teams such as PAOK, Olympiakos, AEK, Panathinaikos, Apollon, Xanthi, etc from Soccer, Basket, Volley and other sports participate. Skating, rollers, city bikes are one of the core sports of A.S.T.E.R.I.