6 08, 2019

Sofia Urban Zone Sport 2019 Logo announced its logo and vision


Sofia Urban Zone Sport 2019 Logo announced its stylish logo and vision. The creative decision of the designer Vasil Popov will fit all the advertising materials and the overall branding of the sports festival. The Sofia Urban Sport Zone will be held from September 15 to 22 in front of the monument of the Soviet Army in the Prince's Garden and will be attended by nearly 400 foreign participants from [...]

29 07, 2019

The two Italian partners from Sardinia to be first who acknowledge the participation at the URBAN ZONE Event


Two Italian partners from the beautiful Sardinia Island will take part at the URBAN ZONE event. They will come to compete in 3 X 3 basketball games and demonstrate the typical MANU folk dances S’intrada, Su ballu tundu, S’aggesa, Sa dansa, Su Chirigheddupintu. The sport club 80 Basket was founded in Ozieri in 2010 by a group of ex basketball players keen on this sport since they were children. From [...]

19 07, 2019

Hard preparation for the Sofia Urban Area Sports 2019


Getting close to Sofia Urban area Sports 2019, there are more frequent meetings of the organizers to fix details of the various competitions and activities. Weekly briefings are held with representatives of the different sports, the details are considered via regulations and registrations for each discipline. The general Program is fixed in such a way that the days of the Fest will be full of action during the event at [...]

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