The upcoming Sofia Urban Zone Sport 2019 event gathered great interest. The City Sports Festival is now focusing the attention of young people, some of them from abroad. The Sofia Urban Zone Sport 2019 is scheduled for September 15-22 in the Knyazheska Garden in front of the Soviet Army Monument and includes competitions in 14 sports with over 400 participants expected from a dozen countries.

In this connection, a group of more than 60 students and students from 4 countries visited the Sofia – European Capital of Sport Information Center. The hall was tight to accommodate many who want to know more about the upcoming Urban Zone and the dozens of activities of the initiative.

The young people were greeted by Anatoli Iliev – organizing secretary of Sofia – Eurocapital of Sport, Ivetka Petrova – municipal councilor and member of the Commission for Children, Youth and Sports at Sofia Municipality and Todor Shabanski – media coordinator. The one-hour meeting started with a video for the sports activities of the capital and the many initiatives of the municipality in an effort to provide more opportunities for the active guests of the city.

Anatoli Iliev briefed the attendees on the main goals, organization and preparation of Sofia Urban Zone Sports 2019, and Todor Shabanski presented the increasing global popularity of the so-called. “Urban sports and disciplines”, including their increasing numbness into the Olympic program and into major sport forums.

The discussion that followed then clarified the activities and priorities of the Sofia Municipality in terms of sports and specifically the urban and extreme disciplines in line with the needs of the individual groups. Among the guests from abroad were skaters, BMH lovers and fans of graffiti – drawings on subways, walls and fences in an urban environment. They were very impressed with the illustrated with the help of Sofia – Euro Capital of Sport so called „The Sports Underpass“ with the drawings of the young Bulgarian champions. In the end, everyone watched the 4-minute breathtaking trailer of Anthill Films’ new, awe-inspiring bike movie, “Return to Earth,” which premier was a week ago in Sofia!

Among the guests at the Info Center were young people from Bulgaria, France, Denmark and Italy. Of course, some of them set out to do their best to return to Sofia for the 2019 Urban Zone.