The State University GOCE DELCHEV in the city of Stip is our Macedonian Partner in the upcoming URBAN ZONE games.

This will be the largest group of participants with teams for basketball, street football, karate, yoga, parkour and a group of folklore dances.

The University of Stip has a special national responsibility in the field of education, scientific research and promotion of European values. It integrates 12 faculties and 3 academies, where 30 000 students are enrolled. The University offers diverse opportunities through University and Student centers such as the University sport and culture center, University radio and TV, libraries and many more other opportunities that students can create together and receive the support for their ideas.

Students from 10 different specialties and faculties, of different years of studying, but with the passion for sport and healthy lifestyle – well known elite athletes (a vice-European champion in Karate) and rewarded folklore dancers, who will flavour the opening URBAN ZONE event – are coming to Sofia.

When asked assoc. prof. Dr. Biljana Popeska, what stands behind the motivation of the Macedonian students for street sports, she responded: THEY ARE UNITED IN THEIR LOVE FOR SPORT.

Another reason, according to Dr. Popeska, Head of the University Center for Sport and Culture is the know-how in organizing large scale sport events, especially funded by the EU. “We think it is a great idea to show how everybody can do physical activities straight after exiting his/her own house – on the street, in the parks, with friends and family or alone. Thankful for your invitation, we can only use the great experience of Sofia – European Capital of Sport for our future sport events”.