With participants for Taekwon-do, street fitness, basketball and folklore dancing the Istanbul Association of the Amateur Sport Clubs holds the record so far for sport types participants in the event.

The vibrant city of Istanbul was a European Capital of sport in 2012.

It is of the world’s most lively metropolises with its international sports competitions and hosts various sportive events such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, athleticism, cycling, swimming, and extreme sports throughout the year.

Istanbul is not a city divided but rather spread over two continents. Moreover, it is not just the splendid view that the citizens benefit from; but also, the activities and events that are held on the routes that include the two continents at the same time.

The athletes and sport lovers from all over the world, get together in Istanbul for intercontinental events, such as Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race, Istanbul Marathon, Extreme Sailing series, cycling tours and many more.

All sport events go beyond a competition, inviting participants to sports and health and culture.

Thanks to the funding of Erasmus + SPORT Program the athletes from the Association will show also how they master the huge number of member sport clubs (more than  8000) and engage in sports activities athletes of different ages.