One of our most interesting delegations comes from the estonian 
Orienteering Federation.
The Estonian team consists of 25 sportsmen and 5 trainers. Most of them 
belong to the best of their age groups in Estonia (and even in Baltics) 
but some of the runners are on the beginning of their oreinteering 

Both trainers and runners are from all over Estonia, starting form 
island Hiiumaa in Baltic sea to farest corner in South-Estonia. Just to 
name some of the participants – from the young ladies Mari Linnus (18) 
who got 4th place this year on World Junior MTB orienteering 
championships in Denmark; Johanna Laanoja got gold and silver medal in 
International School Sport Federation (ISF) championships in Italy, 
Sicily in 2017.
As it comes to the young gentlemen - Olle Ilmar Jaama who got silver and 
bronze this year on ISF championships in Estonia and he also shows 
talent for ski orienteering (in top 10 on European Youth Ski 
Orienteering Championships).

In Estonia (population 1,3 mln) around 7000 people go for orienteering, 
and do appox 60 000 orienteering starts in a year. Isn’t it impressive?

You can enjoy some of the most interesting initiatives of the Estonian 
Orienteering Federation here and here.