Breathtaking hip-hop performances by the Romanian team marked tonight 
the start of the first edition of Sofia Urban Zone Sport 2019. Our 
northern neighbors were part of the street fest in the program of the 
event. The Se Poate (It is Possible) Girls and Boys received the most 
applause around the stage. Created by young people for young people, 
this Romanian NGO organizes many sporting events, including those for 
people with disabilities, where the development and promotion of 
intercultural exchange among young people is a major objective, 
including funded by the small partnerships under the Erasmus + program 

Sofia Urban Zone Sport 2019 welcomes participants from the Se Poate 
Association as part of the exchange of good practices and the sharing of 
values in sports, culture and education. „Our intentions are to share 
our passions for the world and to teach everyone how to embrace art, 
culture and sports. We believe that this is the improvement that society 
needs, "said Mr. Daniel Enácescu, President of the Association and City 
Councilor in the Bucharest municipality. Among the stage virtuosos were 
well-known young Romanian dancers and actors, loved by Romanian young 
people and actively practicing street sports.

Then the whole team of „Sofia - European Capital of Sport“ Foundation, 
were represented by the organizing secretary Anatoli Iliev, who opened 
the zone and wished the participants success. "Sofia is a wonderful 
city, where you can participate in hundreds of activities and events. On 
behalf of Sofia Municipality and personally of Mayor Yordanka Fandakova, 
I congratulate you by "Welcome to Sofia" and wish you an unforgettable 
next 7 days with Urban Zone 2019," said Iliev.

Immediately afterwards, the guests were captivated by the irresistible 
voice of singer Nelly Petkova, who created a unique atmosphere with her 
songs and ability to electrify the audience. The highlight of the 
inauguration of the Urban Zone was the show by the national taekwondo 
team, which presented part of the performance that won a World Medal in 
South Korea two years ago. They were long applauded by the participants, 
representatives of 12 countries from abroad: Estonia, Northern 
Macedonia, Serbia, England, Romania, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, 
Greece, Portugal and Slovakia.

On Monday the Festival of New Urban Sports and Disciplines continues 
with Arm wrestling (right hand) tournaments 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm, 
basketball 3x3 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm and yoga 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm. All the 
activities are in the Knyazheska Garden in front of Sofia University. 
Details and program can be found at, and on the 
Sofia2018 - European Capital of Sport's Facebook page, as well.