Sofia – European Capital of Sport Foundation works with a significant number of volunteers for each event we organize. Nevertheless, we are open to everybody who would like to contribute in our efforts to give more people sports opportunities.

Volunteers make sport work. All over the world, people give their time to boost their communities in a thousand different ways. You don’t need to be a qualified coach to make a difference.


Because everybody has something to offer. No matter whether you are a teacher, an artist, a philosopher or an engineer – there are a lot of opportunities.

Especially in the URBAN ZONE in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Why get into URBAN ZONE volunteering? To get experienced in shaping the most amazing sport event in Sofia and Bulgaria.
Who is it for? Anybody can help. You’ll make a valuable contribution and boost your own wellbeing along the way.
Do I get paid for my time? You contribute your services for free. But you become part of a sporting event!
What are the benefits for me? It’s a great way of making connections.
Can I take it to another level? The skills you gain can go on your CV, and the social links you make could lead to other opportunities.

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