Our Romanian Partner ASOCIATIA “SE POATE”( It’s possible) confirmed participation of 30 athletes and trainers at the URBAN ZONE Event. Famous young Romanian dancers and actors, loved by the Romanian youngsters and actively practicing street sport activities are among them.

This Romanian NGO made by young people for young people organizes a lot of sport events, including for people with disabilities where development and promotion of intercultural exchanges among the youngsters is a main goal, including funded by the Erasmus + SPORT small partnerships.

URBAN ZONE will benefit from the participants from the Asociatia “Se Poate” in regard to exchange good practices and share values in sports, culture and education.

“During the Urban Zone our intentions are to share our passions to the world and teach everyone how to embrace art and culture and sport in the same time. We think that this is the improvement that society needs.”, according to Mr Daniel Enachescu, Chairman of the Association and a City counsellor at the Municipality of Bucharest.